Swiss Education in Beijing

The Swiss School Beijing is the first “Swiss School Abroad” in China and offers a unique window onto the Swiss education system. This system was built on the pedagogical principles introduced by J.H. Pestalozzi in the 18th century, and has contributed significantly towards Switzerland’s present-day ranking as the most innovative country worldwide. Education has always played a central role in the social, cultural and economic growth of Switzerland.
Classes in a Swiss School Abroad are taught in at least one of Switzerland’s national languages. At the Swiss School Beijing, this will initially be German. In addition, education in the Swiss School Beijing is based on a Swiss curriculum, adapted to benefit from the school’s culturally rich Chinese and international context. The quality assurance for the school is carried out by educational experts from the Canton of Zurich.
As a section of the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB), the Swiss School Beijing benefits of the excellent infrastructure of this reputed international school.

Our Values

How do we prepare our children for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow? We believe that this is best achieved by letting them discover the fun of learning and allowing them to grow up in a truly multicultural setting.
Our school nurtures:
  • A spirit of exploration and the motivation to learn
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Self-confidence and empathy
  • Responsibility and reliability
  • Respect for others and the environment
  • The ability to learn and the willingness to perform

Our Approach

Children are at the centre of the learning process. Our main goal is to make sure that their learning is successful.
We recognise that every child is different and we therefore use a differentiated approach to teaching and learning.
We believe that education should be holistic, that it should develop academic knowledge as well as creative, sportive and social skills.
We recognize that our location in Beijing is a unique opportunity to learn from many different cultures.
We recruit highly qualified and experienced teachers. Our class teachers have educational qualifications that are recognized by the Swiss government.
We provide an environment that is friendly, healthy, safe and in general conducive to learning.
We value a constructive collaboration with parents. In particular, we inform them regularly of the School’s educational goals and their child’s progress.
We foster a culture of continuous improvement in all areas of our school.

Our Teachers

Yvonne Gerig is Kindergarten teacher at the Swiss School Beijing. She is a Swiss national and has been working in early childhood education for the past 20+ years. Yvonne was the principal of the German Embassy Kindergarten before she founded her own Kindergarten. Most recently, she taught Kindergarten classes at Eduwings and established the toddler’s section at Day Star Academy. She is fluent in German, Chinese and English.
Ivy Zhao is the Chinese co-teacher for the Kindergarten group. Before joining the Swiss School, she worked ten years in WAB’s art department. Ivy has a master’s degree in teaching Chinese as a second language. She speaks Chinese and English and is currently studying German.
Cécile Ottiger is a highly motivated and dedicated teacher with extensive experience at primary level. She is a Swiss national who has taught in the Primary School of Oberuzwil (SG) prior to moving to Beijing. While teaching, she encourages her students to become independent, pro-active and creative learners by letting them complete a wide range of interesting tasks. Cécile Ottiger is also a keen guitar and violin player. She is fluent in German, French and English.
Anna Zobel is a German primary school teacher. She enjoys exercise, especially swimming. During class, she focuses on a play-based approach which motivates children to discover the world with joy and endless curiosity. Anna speaks German, English and French.

Early Years and Kindergarten

The Swiss School Beijing welcomes children that are 3 and 4 years old on 31st of July into its Early Years and Kindergarten class.
The class size is of maximum 16 children and the classroom teacher is an experienced teacher with Swiss teaching qualification.
School begins at 8:30am and ends at 3:20pm. A typical school day may look as follows:
8:30am Classes commence
10:15am-10:35am Morning break
11:55am-12:55pm Lunch
3:20pm Classes end

Pre-Primary and Primary

The Swiss School Beijing welcomes children that are 5 to 8 years old on 31st of July into its Pre-Primary and Primary section.
The class size is of maximum 16 children and the classroom teachers are experienced teachers with Swiss or German teaching qualification. Students of the Swiss School Beijing can also join WAB‘s Chinese language program. This program caters for beginners through to native speakers and recognizes the diverse learning needs of WAB’s students.
School begins at 8:30am and ends at 3:20pm.
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